Word of the Nerd Podcast – Episode 31

Word of the Nerd Podcast logoHey Nerdites! Welcome to the Word of the Nerd Podcast and the return of JP and Sam to the show! In this special TWO HOUR episode the duo interview Image’s The End Times of Bram and Ben co-writers, James Asmus and Jim Festante. The two discuss the book, the release of the upcoming trade, and how their shared love of comedy and improvisation impacted the creative process.

Learn how James and Jim balanced a conversation on religion and the rapture, with occasional sophomoric humor, and how Rem Broo’s art help to set the tone. James also notes the parallels between Bram and Ben and his current book Quantum and Woody, and discusses his previous work for Marvel. Lastly the cast debates comic book film adaptations and some of the franchises they would like to finally see on the big screen.

So take a listen and make sure to have your shop pre-order The End Times of Bram and Ben trade, or pre-order from Amazon here!













Jim Festante                                                                           James Asmus

@festante                                                                               @JamesAsmus


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