The Lost Tapes: The Rise of the Dark Knight Trilogy

This is a special episode of Film Fans where Sean, Nicole, Jay, and Jack discuss the Dark Knight Rises. It was originally set to air right after the film was released in theatres. However, during the great computer fiasco of July/August, a few episodes including this one was lost and our discussion on the film was not heard by anyone. Until now. Starting the podcast with their general opinions on the movie, the gang then goes into the previous films in the trilogy and discuss their favourite film, and Dark Knight moment. Afterwards, they jump right into the Dark Knight Rises and when Jack seems to be not as enthused about the film as the other three, he is grilled for his reasons why. Want to find out what Jack didn’t like about the film and what the others loved? Take a listen!














One comment on “The Lost Tapes: The Rise of the Dark Knight Trilogy

  1. Lisa says:

    I love Heath.

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