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DC Confidential – Episode 40



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This week on DC Confidential, Sam Cross and Sean Perreault talk about this week’s episode of Arrow as they delve into the introduction of Barry Allen/The Flash and speculate on the forthcoming pilot. They also put their two cents in on the casting of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and try to figure out who else will appear in the Man of Steel sequel.



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Game of Thrones Podcast: Holiday (ish) Special

Originally recorded to be a Holiday special, this special episode of the Game of Thrones podcast comes to you just in time for the premiere of Season 3. Dieter, Proffitt and Sean re-unite to discuss the latest of Game of Thrones news and to recap what has happened during the first two seasons. Mostly spoiler free, the gang discuss the new casting of key characters for the third season as well as where the show may end this season in comparison with the books. Near the final moments of the podcast they begin to talk spoilers for those who have read the book (so be warned!), and all share their opinions on what is shaping up to be a season full of drama, sex, violence and intrigue. Not necessarily in that order.
















Gamer’s Word: Episode 11

AC4BF_PC_4PACKSHOTS_FINAL.inddSean returns and is instantly distract by robo-dogs in this episode of the Gamer’s Word! How did our predictions of the PS4 match up with reality? What’s Matt up to at CinciCon? Do we really want to spend all of Assassin’s Creed 4 on a pirate ship? Will Destiny live up to the hype? Is Becky ever going to make it through this podcast without mentioning Mass Effect? All this AND Jack’s sexy accent, listen and enjoy!

Film Fans: Episode 9

In this episode of Film Fans, Sean is joined by Proffitt, Dieter, Rebecca, and Sam and things quickly turn to chaos. Its a no holds bar match up between Dieter, Sam and Les Mis. Watch out Russel Crowe, these two are not too pleased with you. The group also discusses Django Unchained, and the Hobbit, which everyone enjoyed. Trailer Talk is back and everyone briefly shares their thoughts on Great Gatsby, The End of the World, and Oblivion. After, during a discussion of the Rumor Mill, the Justice League roster is discussed and Sean argues about Green Lantern with the group. Then they discuss the rumour of Quentin Tarantino’s next film which may continue the History Revenge plot line and will round out Django and Inglorious Basterds into a trilogy. Finally they end the show with a discussion of Movie Theatre Etiquette and how one should act whilst enjoying a film!



















Film Fans: Episode 8

On this episode of Film Fans, Sam and Sean discuss the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead. Sean really enjoyed the intense ride of the episode, while Sam wasn’t as blown away. Though they both speculate on what the rest of the season will bring and make a few predictions. They then move onto movie/tv rumours and discuss the casting call for Amazon, the newest adaptation of Wonder Woman from the CW, while also talking about the last failed attempt at a Wonder Woman TV show. But with Arrow, doing so well, they have hopes that someone might get it right. Well, hopes is a strong word. After that they look at discuss the new movie posters for both Star Trek into Darkness and Man of Steel, and share their feelings on the two films. They finish off the show by discussing Life of Pi, in the “Why You Should Watch…” segment of the show, and both agree that it is well worth the price of admission. Even though Honor Knight has reviewed the movie and questioned some of the narrative choices, Sam and Sean take a look at what he wrote and discuss the criticisms in greater detail.






























The Lost Tapes: The Rise of the Dark Knight Trilogy

This is a special episode of Film Fans where Sean, Nicole, Jay, and Jack discuss the Dark Knight Rises. It was originally set to air right after the film was released in theatres. However, during the great computer fiasco of July/August, a few episodes including this one was lost and our discussion on the film was not heard by anyone. Until now. Starting the podcast with their general opinions on the movie, the gang then goes into the previous films in the trilogy and discuss their favourite film, and Dark Knight moment. Afterwards, they jump right into the Dark Knight Rises and when Jack seems to be not as enthused about the film as the other three, he is grilled for his reasons why. Want to find out what Jack didn’t like about the film and what the others loved? Take a listen!














Gamer’s Word: Episode 9

In this episode of the Gamer’s Word, Sean and Rebecca are joined by their foreign correspondent Jack for their usual discussion on gaming and the news of the week. Rebecca goes over the new Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC and lists her pro’s and con’s. They then go on to discuss the Museum of Modern Art’s new Game exhibit which displays a wide variety of classic games and modern games. Will this new exhibit work for the gaming industry and lead to more people excepting it as an art form rather than just a hobby or past time? The gang seems to think so. Before the show wraps with the Holiday gift guide from each member (they tell you whats on their own lists for this holiday season, but also shed light on some things that should be on yours as well), they get into a small argument over the term “gamer” and where it applies.








Gamer’s Word: The Walking Dead Spoilercast

Today we have a special episode of Gamer’s Word, where we discuss one video game in particular, The Walking Dead: The Game. Sean is joined by his friend Dave, and Word of the Nerd writer and Gamer’s Word regular Jack, and they get down to discussing, not just the epic finale that was available for download last week, but to discuss each episode individually and how, if at all, their decisions differed from the next guy. Turns out that Dave was the honest hero type, while Jack was the the heartless bastard. Sean, well he was the balance between both of them, though his decisions were oddly based on random thought processes (ie. love and re-populating the world, and trying to be a good “parent” for Clementine). In the end it was a unanimous decision that his game pulled on some heart strings and made us question who we would be in a similar situation. Verdict: Sean would die, Jack would probably kill him, and Dave would be the leader of the group far away from the other two…








Film Fans – Episode 7

In this episode of Film Fans, Sean is joined by Word of the Nerd folks Honor Knight and Proffitt. They kick things off with the Walking Dead talk, and discuss the shows change from the original source material. They also briefly discuss the newest cast member and the character he will be portraying. Then, still keeping with Television talk, they discuss CW’s Arrow, and whether or not they think it is going to continue to succeed, and if so, for how long. Is it going to be another Smallville, you will just have to listen and find out! Finally, the finish the night with the Why You Should Watch segment, where the gang weighs in on Skyfall, and Sean (the only one to see it) discusses Breaking Dawn Pt. 2, and whether or not the “twist” is really worth the price of admission.

Gamer’s Word – Episode 8

Its the Sean and Jack show on this episode of Gamer’s Word! Since both of them are keeping busy with Assassins Creed 3, they have yet to ply any of the newer releases, but that doesn’t stop them from discussing the hottest items on the market. They first discuss the incredible line-ups that were seen at the midnight launches for both Halo 4 and Black Ops 2, and weigh in on the midnight madness events that are held for these big budget game releases. They also discuss video game movies and where Hollywood has gone wrong in their recent adaptations. But with Tom Hardy signed on to play Sam Fischer in the Splinter Cell movie, and Michael Fassbender in talks for the other Ubisoft movie, Assassins Creed, is there a chance that a good video game movie is in the works. They also briefly discuss downloadable games (such as the Walking Dead and Journey)and how some of these games are even in line for many awards at this years VGA’s. Speaking of which, the last portion of the show covers Spikes VGA’s, which are coming up shortly, and both Jack and Sean  discuss the nominees and categories and make a few selections themselves.


Film Fans – Episode 6

In this episode of Film Fans, Sean is joined by Word of the Nerd staff writers, Sam and Honor Knight (for the sake of the episode and Sean’s sanity, he is referred to as HK). They first discuss recent movie news, including the biggest news of that week, LucasArts being purchased by Disney. Especially the fact that there will be yet another Star Wars trilogy, if not more, starting with Episode 7 in 2015. The same year, in fact, that will also house the Justice League movie, as well as Avengers 2. They also delve into the rumour mill and discuss what company Disney has its eyes on next and how long it will be before they take over the world. They then discuss Bond movies, in an attempt to get ready for Skyfall – which was reviewed by our own Jack Chambers, and can be found here. They end the night with the usual Why You Should Watch segment, with each of them taking a different film to discuss; this week being Wreck-it-Ralph (HK), Cloud Atlas (Sam) and the Man with the Iron Fists (Sean).


Gamers Word – Episode 7

In this episode of Gamers Word, Sean is joined by Rebecca and one of Word of the Nerds British Correspondents, Jack. This week the gang discusses all of the great content that has come out over the past few weeks, including: Dishonored, Resident Evil, and Assassins Creed 3. After going through a very detailed discussion of the light and dark path in Dishonored, the team discusses the historical aspect of Assassins Creed 3 and how Ubisoft has tweaked certain events in history to flush out an otherwise rich story. The trio then goes on to discuss Halo 4 and the news that Halo servers will be watching for sexist talk and trolls in the game which will result in a possible “lifetime” ban. Finally, Jack and Rebecca try to convince Sean to play Minecraft, although he doesn’t seem as enthused as they were hoping.