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That Girls With The Curls – Episode 1

Word of the Nerd Podcast logoOn this very special Word of the Nerd Podcast, podcasting stalwart Sam takes the reigns for Sam Speaks! Joined by long time podcaster Sean and new comer James, Sam gets you caught up on her experience at Seattle based Emerald City Comic Con. Get caught up on what was a fantastic convention and all the great news and swag Sam snatched, as well as the great after and associated events for the weekend.

Admittedly the show starts out of no where and ends randomly, but it is incredibly entertaining! Check it out and make sure to tell us what you think!

DC Confidential – Episode 48

DC Confidential new logoHey DC Confidential Fans! On tonight’s episode JP and Sam are joined by Hilton. After not doing a show for a while, Hilton helps to carry the show as JP is forced to bow out late in the episode. Either way the crew manages to touch on all the television show news, including the Flash’s new costume.

In addition Sam and Hilton get into the implications of the announcement that Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang will be leaving Wonder Woman, and the mysterious wife of David Finch that will be joining him in taking over the book. Where does this lead our favorite leading DC lady?

Lastly they farewell to Kyle Higgins’ run on Nightwing and the future of the book and character. So take a listen to the show and make sure to follow us on Twitter!

DC Confidential – Episode 47

DC Confidential new logoSo better late than never right? I know DC Confidential fans, we are more than a little late for this episode, but finally some wonderful ranting for your ears to partake. On tonight’s episode JP and Sam discuss the preview of Batman Eternal, and the true implications for the rest of the Bat-family. They also ponder the future of Arrow and how the new Suicide Squad will go over with fans.

Lastly the dynamic duo review the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer, yes the Marvel one, and what it means for DC. Marvel’s trailer about a rag team of space pirates looks to be a clear winner, while DC can’t get Wonder Woman on screen. Is it time we just Kickstarter this film or what?

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DC Confidential – Episode 45

DC Confidential new logoHello DC Confidential fans!! Welcome to another fantastic episode presented by WordofTheNerdOnline.com! On tonight’s episode JP, Sam and Daniel discuss the casting announcements for Batman/Superman. Is Jeremy Irons too villainous to play Alfred? Should they have gone Heisenberg instead of Eisenberg or will Jesse prove to be as good as Heath?

The crew also turns back to their conversation from last episode about the best NON-Bruce Wayne Batman and where Damian fits in, and even discuss the relationship between Superman and the Joker. So sit back, take a listen and enjoy the show!!

DC Confidential – Episode 44

DC Confidential new logoHey there DC Confidential fans! Welcome to this week’s extra long episode. On tonight’s show JP, Sam and Daniel get into a heated debate about Harley Quinn’s true nature and how that impacts her relationship with fans. Do you feel sympathy for Harley or has she burned that bridge in her own fantastic fashion?

Sam and Daniel also debate the newest entry to the DCAU, Justice League: War. Did it appeal or was it just a rehashing of the first New 52 story? And pay attention through all the DC film and television for mention of our Crisis Contest. That is right, we all know a DC crisis event will happen eventually, do you think you know when it will arrive? Let us know when you think it will hit and maybe you will win!! Now check us out and make sure to follow us on twitter!

Enjoy the show!

DC Confidential – Episode 43

DC Confidential new logoWelcome to DC Confidential! On tonight’s episode JP, Sam and Daniel discuss the delay of Batman/Superman or Justice League, or whatever they are calling it these days, to 2016. They also discuss how this may be a reflection of the internal struggle at DC and Warner Bros. and whether or not they can get back on track.

What is the secret to keeping talent at DC? Is the cancellation of Teen Titans a foreshadowing of the end, or an opportunity for a fresh start? Find out here and of course we also talk the return of ARROW!

Enjoy the show!

DC Confidential – Episode 41

Hi DC Confidential new logoNerdites! Welcome to the first DC Confidential of 2014! On this week’s episode stalwart Samantha Cross, welcomes back JP and Jack Chambers after their extended time away from the show. They discuss the upcoming year for DC as it attempts to dominate the television market, while offering nothing in way of films. They also discuss the fate of Dick Grayson as Forever Evil comes to an end and Scott Snyder prepares to go Back to the Future in Batman.

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DC Confidential – Episode 35

Hey everyone and welcome to DC Confidential! So I promise I did not wait so long to post this because it was Sam and Sean did the show without me…no really! Seriously though they get into a great conversation about the books that have lost them and are on the cut list, plus Cartoon Network and the new DC shorts, and DC’s sudden tendency to retcon everything mid book. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Home of the DC Shorts!

Home of the DC Shorts!

DC Confidential – Episode 33

KHigginsAND WE ARE BACK! That’s right DC fans DC Confidential is back and with a special episode. Check out Sam and Sean as they interview none other than KYLE HIGGINS! You all know how much we love Dick Grayson on this show, well the writer of Nightwing talks about his love of the character. He also discusses what it is like writing for a company like DC and the inner workings of his process. Get an inside look into what has happened and what is coming for our favorite side kick turned hero as Dick’s life is on the verge of changing forever! Now it is time for DC CONFIDENTIAL!!

Check out Kyle’s links:






DC Confidential – Episode 28

On this week’s episode of DC Confidential, Hilton makes his triumphant return to the show. Find out what he and Sam think of Damian’s untimely demise and why JP thinks the other death of the month had a great impact. They the crew debate whether Warner may get too much of a good thing should they decide to give Christopher Nolan the reigns in complete. And as always when Hilton is around the conversation swirls around Wonder Woman. Enjoy the show!BatNolan

DC Confidential – Episode 27

The Robins Episode! This week Sam is at ECCC but there is a wealth of panelists to discuss Damian’s untimely demise. Lets just say that even the non-comic reader Rebecca thinks JP is too angry about this. Does Damian deserve the farewell he got? Where does he rank among the history of Robins? What is next for Batman and his family? Find out in the Robins Extravaganza! Robins

DC Confidential – Episode 26

Hey DC fans! This week JP and Sam take the reins to allow JP to vent about Death of the Family. Their is of course the obligatory Young Justice and Arrow chat. Consider this the prelude to our Robins Episode as Sam and JP sing the praises of Dick Grayson!Nightwing