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DC Confidential – Episode 49

DC Confidential new logoOn tonight’s episode JP and Sam are joined by Daniel to breakdown DC’s television, film and of course comic properties. A string of great episodes has the cast excited about Arrow, while a new Marvel film has them lamenting Man of Steel. Meanwhile DC prepares for its new weekly Batman Eternal, and of course the cast discusses the implications and whether they will be shelling out. Lastly Daniel and Sam discuss the books they are really enjoying and get you pumped for you LCS!

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DC Confidential – Episode 47

DC Confidential new logoSo better late than never right? I know DC Confidential fans, we are more than a little late for this episode, but finally some wonderful ranting for your ears to partake. On tonight’s episode JP and Sam discuss the preview of Batman Eternal, and the true implications for the rest of the Bat-family. They also ponder the future of Arrow and how the new Suicide Squad will go over with fans.

Lastly the dynamic duo review the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer, yes the Marvel one, and what it means for DC. Marvel’s trailer about a rag team of space pirates looks to be a clear winner, while DC can’t get Wonder Woman on screen. Is it time we just Kickstarter this film or what?

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DC Confidential – Episode 45

DC Confidential new logoHello DC Confidential fans!! Welcome to another fantastic episode presented by WordofTheNerdOnline.com! On tonight’s episode JP, Sam and Daniel discuss the casting announcements for Batman/Superman. Is Jeremy Irons too villainous to play Alfred? Should they have gone Heisenberg instead of Eisenberg or will Jesse prove to be as good as Heath?

The crew also turns back to their conversation from last episode about the best NON-Bruce Wayne Batman and where Damian fits in, and even discuss the relationship between Superman and the Joker. So sit back, take a listen and enjoy the show!!

DC Confidential – Episode 44

DC Confidential new logoHey there DC Confidential fans! Welcome to this week’s extra long episode. On tonight’s show JP, Sam and Daniel get into a heated debate about Harley Quinn’s true nature and how that impacts her relationship with fans. Do you feel sympathy for Harley or has she burned that bridge in her own fantastic fashion?

Sam and Daniel also debate the newest entry to the DCAU, Justice League: War. Did it appeal or was it just a rehashing of the first New 52 story? And pay attention through all the DC film and television for mention of our Crisis Contest. That is right, we all know a DC crisis event will happen eventually, do you think you know when it will arrive? Let us know when you think it will hit and maybe you will win!! Now check us out and make sure to follow us on twitter!

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DC Confidential – Episode 43

DC Confidential new logoWelcome to DC Confidential! On tonight’s episode JP, Sam and Daniel discuss the delay of Batman/Superman or Justice League, or whatever they are calling it these days, to 2016. They also discuss how this may be a reflection of the internal struggle at DC and Warner Bros. and whether or not they can get back on track.

What is the secret to keeping talent at DC? Is the cancellation of Teen Titans a foreshadowing of the end, or an opportunity for a fresh start? Find out here and of course we also talk the return of ARROW!

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DC Confidential – Episode 41

Hi DC Confidential new logoNerdites! Welcome to the first DC Confidential of 2014! On this week’s episode stalwart Samantha Cross, welcomes back JP and Jack Chambers after their extended time away from the show. They discuss the upcoming year for DC as it attempts to dominate the television market, while offering nothing in way of films. They also discuss the fate of Dick Grayson as Forever Evil comes to an end and Scott Snyder prepares to go Back to the Future in Batman.

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Word of the Nerd Podcast – Episode 24


Word of the Nerd Podcast logo




This is a very special episode of the show.  Our own Sam Cross goes one on one with Supurbia creator Grace Randolph.  Join Sam and Grace as they talk about practically everything under the sun.


Grace Randolph

Grace Randolph





DC Confidential – Episode 34


DC Confidential logoDC Confidential is back with another episode dedicated entirely to Man of Steel.  JP and Sam are joined by Bryan the Nerd and Daniel Kalban as they discuss the latest film incarnation of Superman.  They share their likes, dislikes, pivotal moments and their hopes for a sequel.  So put your Krytonite away, it won’t be needed tonight…but they are going to spoil the hell out of this movie.



DC Confidential Episode 32.1


DC Confidential logo Welcome to one of our special lost episodes of DC Confidential.  Every once in a while, we manage to misplace an episode.  It’s easier than you think to misplace an entire podcast and certainly not the first time we’ve done it.  In this episode JP, Sam, Jack and Sean talk about the season finale of Arrow, their hopes for Man of Steel and there might even be some comic book talk sprinkled in.

DC Confidential – Episode 23

YOUNG JUSTICE OFFICIALLY CANCELLED! No longer idle speculation JP and Sam go all out on the Cartoon Network bashing. Once tempers cool they do get into some interesting talk about the fate of DC and Man of Steel. Ultimately, can Warner Brothers be trusted with our favorite franchises? Find out on this episode of DC Confidential!

DC Confidential – Episode 22

DCC returns with your favorite team of hosts JP, Sam and Jack. On this week’s extra long episode we talk about what the Joker has under his dome, and the face or the Cartoon Network. In addition Sam sings our segues as we discuss all things Wonder Woman!


Film Fans: Episode 8

On this episode of Film Fans, Sam and Sean discuss the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead. Sean really enjoyed the intense ride of the episode, while Sam wasn’t as blown away. Though they both speculate on what the rest of the season will bring and make a few predictions. They then move onto movie/tv rumours and discuss the casting call for Amazon, the newest adaptation of Wonder Woman from the CW, while also talking about the last failed attempt at a Wonder Woman TV show. But with Arrow, doing so well, they have hopes that someone might get it right. Well, hopes is a strong word. After that they look at discuss the new movie posters for both Star Trek into Darkness and Man of Steel, and share their feelings on the two films. They finish off the show by discussing Life of Pi, in the “Why You Should Watch…” segment of the show, and both agree that it is well worth the price of admission. Even though Honor Knight has reviewed the movie and questioned some of the narrative choices, Sam and Sean take a look at what he wrote and discuss the criticisms in greater detail.