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DC Confidential – Episode 50

DC Confidential new logoDon’t look now but welcome to the 50TH EPISODE of DC Confidential!! We are super excited to have made it this far and we thank all of you for joining us as we have navigated this journey. On this episode JP and Sam take on a host of topics, including DC’s animated shorts and the overall impact of the DCAU and the most recent episode of Arrow. What does the end of the season have in store for Ollie, and more importantly what will the impact of Roy’s rage be.

Lastly, Sam and JP take on the controversy over the new Teen Titans cover and the attack on the Janelle Asselin. What responsibility do creators have when portraying female characters in comics? Find out now on a new episode of DC Confidential!

DC Confidential – Episode 49

DC Confidential new logoOn tonight’s episode JP and Sam are joined by Daniel to breakdown DC’s television, film and of course comic properties. A string of great episodes has the cast excited about Arrow, while a new Marvel film has them lamenting Man of Steel. Meanwhile DC prepares for its new weekly Batman Eternal, and of course the cast discusses the implications and whether they will be shelling out. Lastly Daniel and Sam discuss the books they are really enjoying and get you pumped for you LCS!

So relax, take a moment and enjoy the show! Oh and make sure to follow us on twitter too!

Agents of Marvel #10




Welcome to the better late than never edition of Agents of Marvel.  This episode is special as the mother of all crossovers happens.  The hosts of DC Confidential, JP and Sam Cross join the Agents for a ground breaking show.  Will these two comic rivals be able to get along for an entire show, or will Sam lay the smack down on Agent Kyle.  Let’s all hope that host Janel McClain can keep the peace as two universes collide to bring you all the latest happenings from the House of Ideas that is Marvel Comics.

This episode of Agents of Marvel was recorded live on January 31, 2014


“Pro Marvel” by Doc Remedy. Twitter: @DocRemedyMusic

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DC Confidential – Episode 40



DC Confidential new logo


This week on DC Confidential, Sam Cross and Sean Perreault talk about this week’s episode of Arrow as they delve into the introduction of Barry Allen/The Flash and speculate on the forthcoming pilot. They also put their two cents in on the casting of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and try to figure out who else will appear in the Man of Steel sequel.



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DC Confidential – Episode 39


DC Confidential new logo


Welcome to our post-Thanksgiving episode of DC Confidential.  This week your hosts Sam Cross and Bryan the Nerd are joined by Shaun Rosado and Daniel Kalban.  The topics on this week’s show are as varied as the DC Universe itself.  The panel discuss this week’s new releases including Damian Son of Batman #2, Aquaman, Flash and Injustice: Gods Among Us.  They also cover the latest Superman/Batman movie rumors including their picks for who should be Wonder Woman, Arrow‘s second season and Shaun makes a passionate plea to the DC execs.  The panel gets a little weird and a little naughty as they recover from their post Turkey-day comas and bring you this awesome new DC Confidential.

DC Confidential – Episode 38



Along with a new episode of DC Confidential, we have a new logo for the show.  This week, Bryan The Nerd and Sam fight through a myriad of technical problems to talk about their books of the week, Villains Month and the DC/Batwoman controversy.  Get comfortable everyone because you’re gonna get an earful this week.











DC Confidential – Episode 36

Hey DCC fans! Recorded in the wake of DC’s news of the Batman/Superman film, JP, Sean, and Sam discuss Wonder Woman’s curious absence from any of DC’s current plans. The also talk about the need to do her right and how they might handle the film franchise. Be careful this one is bit of a magic carpet ride! Check it out and enjoy the show!character_bio_576_wonderwoman

DC Confidential – Episode 34


DC Confidential logoDC Confidential is back with another episode dedicated entirely to Man of Steel.  JP and Sam are joined by Bryan the Nerd and Daniel Kalban as they discuss the latest film incarnation of Superman.  They share their likes, dislikes, pivotal moments and their hopes for a sequel.  So put your Krytonite away, it won’t be needed tonight…but they are going to spoil the hell out of this movie.



DC Confidential Episode 32.1


DC Confidential logo Welcome to one of our special lost episodes of DC Confidential.  Every once in a while, we manage to misplace an episode.  It’s easier than you think to misplace an entire podcast and certainly not the first time we’ve done it.  In this episode JP, Sam, Jack and Sean talk about the season finale of Arrow, their hopes for Man of Steel and there might even be some comic book talk sprinkled in.

DC Confidential – Episode 29

Welcome to another episode of DC Confidential. On this episode Sean is back, though he disappears randomly, Jack sounds like a robot, and JP and Sam argue about Batman Zero Year. Also the panel is saddened by the impending doom of Young Justice, and JP’s poor choice in comic books. Lastly JP introduces an arbitrary winner of the show, but who will it be? Check out the show and let us know what are the best and worst books you are currently reading!Batman Zero Year

DC Confidential-Episode 20

Hey Nerdites! On this week’s episode Sam and JP ring in the new year while lamenting Wally’s continued absence. They discuss the implications of the Throne of Atlantis storyline, the importance of Superman, and of course more Arrow. Make sure to tune in and contact them at the twitter page here!

DC Confidential – Episode 17

In this episode JP and Sam attack Death of the Family and how viable the Joker will be going forward. They also get into who may be lost in the aftermath and ponder whether it will lead to the return of Stephanie Brown. Don’t miss this episode of the ever popular DC Confidential!