That Girl With The Curls – Episode 4

    On this episode Sam is joined by Bex Veverka for a lively conversation with Hal Lublin, one of the many talented voices of the Thrilling Adventure Podcast. The trio talk about the history of Thrilling Adventure Hour, the many characters Hal plays, and geek out over superheroes, Star Wars, and Star Trek.   […]

DC Confidential – Episode 52

      This week on DC Confidential, Bryan the Nerd fills in for JP who makes a surprise but brief appearance.  Sam and Sean Perreault are also on deck as the panel discuss the official title of Man of Steel 2, the latest round of DC cancellations and David Goyer’s slam against Marvel and […]

It Is Known – Episode 7

      Things almost get a little out of hand this week as Bryan the Nerd is joined by Alexis Montclair, Bex Veverka, Janel McClain and newcomer Riley Sinclair.  The panel breaks down the latest Game of Thrones episode Mockingbird and give their predictions for future episodes.  As usual, this podcast is FULL of […]

The Gamer’s Word – Episode #17

    James Rowe is taking the week off so you’re stuck with Miguel filling in.  This week our resident gamers get you all informed and stuff about what’s going on in the gaming world.  Susie Cumberland and Jesse Grant are also along for the ride this week.     Follow Word of the Nerd on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest Bringing […]

Agents of Marvel #19

      Janel McClain and Mark Driscoll are back with another action packed (exaggerated) issue of Agents of Marvel.  Join the Agents as they bring you up to speed on all things Marvel.   Check out the new home of @AgentsofMarvel on Facebook   “Pro Marvel” by Doc Remedy. Twitter: @DocRemedyMusic   Follow Word of […]

It Is Known – Episode 6

      Once again this week Bryan the Nerd is the only male on the panel so don’t expect to hear much from him.  Joining Bryan this week are the usual characters, Alexis Montclaire, Janel McClain and joining for the first time is Susie Cumberland.  Susie is becoming quite the regular on a lot […]

The Gamer’s Word – Episode 16

      This week the panel is minus Miguel, but James and Jesse are once again joined by Susie Cumberland.  The gang discuss all the latest gaming news and events while trying to uncover Susie’s true plans for the plasma death ray she is currently designing.  No joke, she’s really working on a plasma […]

That Girl With The Curls – Episode 3

      On this episode of Sam Speaks, Sam and JP talk with Kurtis J. Wiebe, writer for Peter Panzerfaust, Rat Queens, The Intrepids, and Green Wake. They discuss the huge success of Rat Queens and ponder about fan interaction, writing, and general hilarity.     Follow Word of the Nerd on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest Bringing out the inner […]

DC Confidential – Episode 51

      On this episode of DC Confidential we have a super special guest.  She was the voice of Wonder Woman on Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Superman/Batman Apocalypse, Justice League: Doom as well as lending her voice talents to many other animated series and video games.  Sam Cross and Bryan the Nerd are […]

It Is Known – Episode 5

      Welcome back to another episode of It Is Known, Word of the Nerd‘s podcast dedicated to Game of Thrones.  Bryan the Nerd is the only male on this show this week, so don’t expect to hear much from him.  Alexis Montclaire, Janel McClain and Bex Veverka get every word in edgewise this week as the […]

Gamer’s Word – Episode #15

      Welcome to another episode of The Gamer’s Word brought to you by  This week Susie Cumberland is back to grace the show with her adorable Britishness.  The gang have a great show for you this week, so listen in.   Follow Word of the Nerd on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest Bringing out the inner nerd in everyone! […]

Agents of Marvel #18

      We apologize ahead of time for this one.  This issue of Agents of Marvel isn’t a podcast…it is a drunkcast.  Agents Janel McClain and Mark Driscoll attempt to give you this week’s latest from Marvel Comics, but the booze gets in the way.  Not their finest hour, but it does make for […]