Good Girls Gone Geek – Joss Whedon Special

Proffitt and Bex are joined once again by guest Courtney as they discuss The Cabin in the Woods and all things Whedon (yes, even Dollhouse).  From favorite characters to most heartbreaking deaths, the ladies positively work themselves into a Joss frenzy.  Enjoy, but beware: there are spoilers for Cabin in the Woods, Angel, Buffy, and […]

Word Of The Nerd Podcast – Episode 5

JP once again takes the hosting reigns while The Nerd is off doing something he probably shouldn’t be.  But JP is far from alone.  Bex and Proffitt from Good Girls Gone Geek joins him, along with Marshal Edwards from Word Of The Nerd. This episode covers a wide range of controversial subjects.  The objectification of […]

A Game Of Thrones Podcast – Episode 6

The gang discusses Season 2, Ep. 2 – Night Lands and gets sidetracked early by a discussion of the number and creepiness-factor of the “graphically romantic” scenes.  They manage to pull it together long enough for Bad Ass and DB of the week, talk about the amazing Ghost CGI, the sad lack of dragons,  and […]

The Gamer’s Word – Episode #3

  While Jake Baldino travels to Pax East, Sean and guest host Steve Caito hold down The Gamer’s Word fort.  The Star Wars Special Edition X-Box 360 takes center stage and Steve talks about MGL Winter Championship.           *** The Gamer’s Word contains explicit language   Podcast: Play in new window […]

The Gamer’s Word – Episode 2

Word Of The Nerd‘s own resident gamers and all around bad boys, Jake Baldino and Sean Perreault once again grace us with another great episode of The Gamer’s Word. In this episode, our two malcontents welcome WOTN Gaming Journalist Steve Caito to the show.  Things quickly go south while the boys talk about Assassin’s Creed […]

The Walking Dead Special

The First Ladies of Nerdom are back with a special edition of Good Girls Gone Geek.  This episode is dedicated entirely to The Walking Dead season 2 finale.  Bex, Proffitt and guest Courtney McKenny wade through the corpses of dead zombies to give their thoughts on last night’s thrilling season ending.  Who made it, who […]

Word Of The Nerd Podcast – Episode 4

JP and The Nerd are back again with the fourth episode of the Word of the Nerd Podcast.  JP welcomes The Nerd back after surviving the flu and missing the last show.  This episode the two nerd-extraordinaires welcome indie comic writer and artist Bridgit Scheide.  While missing their cues and generally embarrassing themselves the nerds […]

Good Girls Gone Geek – Episode 6

Bex and Proffitt are back for another geekalicious episode of Good Girls Gone Geek.  The gals are joined by Courtney McKenny and get sucked into what’s happening on The Walking Dead, Being Human and other random observances.   Check out more of Good Girls Gone Geek at their website and on the Word of the […]

Word Of The Nerd Podcast – Episode #3

JP is without The Nerd in this episode due to illness, but he does have two guests from the Word of the Nerd writing staff, Sean Perreault and Natasha Collier.  The gang discusses the latest comic book movie trailers that aired during the Super Bowl, JP confesses his love of Skyrim, Natasha talks The Hunger Games […]

A Game Of Thrones Podcast – Episode 2

  Welcome to the second episode of Word Of The Nerd‘s Game of Thrones Podcast.  Your hosts Rachel Proffitt, Corinne Strebig and Dieter Zimmerman catch you up on season 1 of Game of Thrones.  Joining the Tenacious Three are Natasha Collier and Bryan The Nerd as they talk about events in episodes 3 & 4 […]

The Gamer’s Word – Episode 1

Word Of The Nerd is proud to present another show in its great lineup of podcast titles.  Video game gurus Jake Baldino and Sean Perreault are your hosts for The Gamer’s Word.  All the video games news, reviews and discussion you’d expect from Word Of The Nerd mixed in with a little Canadian humor. This […]

A Game Of Thrones Podcast – Episode 1

        Word Of The Nerd is proud to introduce the new member of our podcast line-up.  Rachel Proffitt, Corinne Strebig and Dieter Zimmerman host A Game of Thrones Podcast right here at Word Of The Nerd. This new bi-weekly podcast will get you ready for the premiere of Game of Thrones Season […]