Nerd to Know #02: Edgar Rice Burroughs


Who is Edgar Rice Burroughs and why should you care? Rebecca and Bryan the Nerd talk about the life and legacy of the famous Tarzan author, in celebration of his birthday on September 1st, and Tarzan’s 100th Anniversary.

Music by 101 (Chromix) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

3 comments on “Nerd to Know #02: Edgar Rice Burroughs

  1. Bill Hillman says:
    BTW There were no Chimpanzees in ERB’s Tarzan books.

  2. Bill Hillman says:
    is your best source for ERB info . . . 10,000 Webpages
    Enjoyed your chat.

    • rebeccav says:

      Thanks, Bill! I hope we did ERB justice. I was aware of the .ca address, and used it in my research, but the zine is a new one for me. Thanks again!

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