Good Girls Gone Geek – Episode 12


We apologize for the late posting but it is all JP’s fault! Let’s send him out for supplies next time the walkers are about…Anyways, Bex, Proffitt and Courtney are joined by colleagues from Word of the Nerd, Hilton and Rebecca to discuss season 3, episodes 2 (Sick) and 3 (Walk With Me).  So heated is the discussion, we’ve got to put an explicit warning on this one.  Don’t listen with the kiddos around.  Also, Proffitt was so riled up, she mistakenly refers to the third episode as “Save the Last One,” which, as we all know, was actually the 3rd episode of season 2.  Silly banana.



Be sure to tune in next week as the gang discusses the devastating events of episode 4, “The Killer Within” and whatever other hell the survivors are put through in episode 5.


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