Film Fans: Episode 9

In this episode of Film Fans, Sean is joined by Proffitt, Dieter, Rebecca, and Sam and things quickly turn to chaos. Its a no holds bar match up between Dieter, Sam and Les Mis. Watch out Russel Crowe, these two are not too pleased with you. The group also discusses Django Unchained, and the Hobbit, which everyone enjoyed. Trailer Talk is back and everyone briefly shares their thoughts on Great Gatsby, The End of the World, and Oblivion. After, during a discussion of the Rumor Mill, the Justice League roster is discussed and Sean argues about Green Lantern with the group. Then they discuss the rumour of Quentin Tarantino’s next film which may continue the History Revenge plot line and will round out Django and Inglorious Basterds into a trilogy. Finally they end the show with a discussion of Movie Theatre Etiquette and how one should act whilst enjoying a film!



















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