Film Fans: Episode 8

On this episode of Film Fans, Sam and Sean discuss the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead. Sean really enjoyed the intense ride of the episode, while Sam wasn’t as blown away. Though they both speculate on what the rest of the season will bring and make a few predictions. They then move onto movie/tv rumours and discuss the casting call for Amazon, the newest adaptation of Wonder Woman from the CW, while also talking about the last failed attempt at a Wonder Woman TV show. But with Arrow, doing so well, they have hopes that someone might get it right. Well, hopes is a strong word. After that they look at discuss the new movie posters for both Star Trek into Darkness and Man of Steel, and share their feelings on the two films. They finish off the show by discussing Life of Pi, in the “Why You Should Watch…” segment of the show, and both agree that it is well worth the price of admission. Even though Honor Knight has reviewed the movie and questioned some of the narrative choices, Sam and Sean take a look at what he wrote and discuss the criticisms in greater detail.






























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