Film Fans – Episode 6

In this episode of Film Fans, Sean is joined by Word of the Nerd staff writers, Sam and Honor Knight (for the sake of the episode and Sean’s sanity, he is referred to as HK). They first discuss recent movie news, including the biggest news of that week, LucasArts being purchased by Disney. Especially the fact that there will be yet another Star Wars trilogy, if not more, starting with Episode 7 in 2015. The same year, in fact, that will also house the Justice League movie, as well as Avengers 2. They also delve into the rumour mill and discuss what company Disney has its eyes on next and how long it will be before they take over the world. They then discuss Bond movies, in an attempt to get ready for Skyfall – which was reviewed by our own Jack Chambers, and can be found here. They end the night with the usual Why You Should Watch segment, with each of them taking a different film to discuss; this week being Wreck-it-Ralph (HK), Cloud Atlas (Sam) and the Man with the Iron Fists (Sean).


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