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Agents of Marvel #20

      After a little break, the Agents of Marvel are back with an all-new episode of news, reviews and commentary from the House of Ideas that is Marvel Comics.   Check out the new home of @AgentsofMarvel on @facebook –   “Pro Marvel” by Doc Remedy. Twitter: @DocRemedyMusic   Follow Word of the […]

Merlotte’s Happy Hour – Episode 1

    Welcome Truebies to Merlotte’s Happy Hour!  Word of the Nerd’s feature podcast dedicated to True Blood.  Every week Bryan the Nerd and Janel McClain break down the episodes and give their insight into this final season of the hit HBO series.  So sit back, order your favorite adult beverage and listen in.   […]

Word of the Nerd Podcast – Episode 39

      On this episode of your Word of the Nerd Podcast, Alexis from Shattered Stitch Cosplay explains our latest venture into the world of cosplay.  Bryan, Janel and Daniel talk about SE:NYC and other nerdy news around the interwebs.     Follow Word of the Nerd on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest Bringing out the inner nerd in everyone! Podcast: […]

That Girls With The Curls – Episode 7

    On this episode Sam talks with Jeremy Holt, writer of Southern Dog, Monster Art, and After Houdini. The two discuss getting into the comic industry through smaller publishers, story ideas vs genre writing, and social consciousness as expressed through comics. They also geek out over True Detective.       Follow Word of the […]

It Is Known – Episode 10

      Sadly we come to the end of another season of Game of Thrones.  The season goes out in style as Bryan the Nerd, Dieter Zimmerman, Janel McClain, Bex Veverka and Alexis Montclaire break down the season finale.  There’s also a brief discussion about internet trolls and Dieter does is best to dash […]

It Is Known – Episode 8

      On this week’s It Is Known, emotions run high our cast of Thronies come to grips with the shocking events of The Mountain and the Viper.  With some choking back tears, the episode is broken down with spoilers coming every which way, so if you haven’t seen this week’s Game of Thrones, […]

That Girl With The Curls – Episode 4

    On this episode Sam is joined by Bex Veverka for a lively conversation with Hal Lublin, one of the many talented voices of the Thrilling Adventure Podcast. The trio talk about the history of Thrilling Adventure Hour, the many characters Hal plays, and geek out over superheroes, Star Wars, and Star Trek.   […]

It Is Known – Episode 7

      Things almost get a little out of hand this week as Bryan the Nerd is joined by Alexis Montclair, Bex Veverka, Janel McClain and newcomer Riley Sinclair.  The panel breaks down the latest Game of Thrones episode Mockingbird and give their predictions for future episodes.  As usual, this podcast is FULL of […]

Agents of Marvel #19

      Janel McClain and Mark Driscoll are back with another action packed (exaggerated) issue of Agents of Marvel.  Join the Agents as they bring you up to speed on all things Marvel.   Check out the new home of @AgentsofMarvel on Facebook   “Pro Marvel” by Doc Remedy. Twitter: @DocRemedyMusic   Follow Word of […]

DC Confidential – Episode 48

Hey DC Confidential Fans! On tonight’s episode JP and Sam are joined by Hilton. After not doing a show for a while, Hilton helps to carry the show as JP is forced to bow out late in the episode. Either way the crew manages to touch on all the television show news, including the Flash’s […]

A Game of Thrones Podcast – Episode 8

Episode 8 – Vodka and the Shadow Child The gang assemble to discuss season 2, episode 4, Garden of Bones.  Amazing consensus ensues on the Douche Bag of the Week (hint: blond, 14-years old, and entirely too jacked up for his own good), and much joy is taken from the Bad Ass of the Week […]

The Walking Dead Special

The First Ladies of Nerdom are back with a special edition of Good Girls Gone Geek.  This episode is dedicated entirely to The Walking Dead season 2 finale.  Bex, Proffitt and guest Courtney McKenny wade through the corpses of dead zombies to give their thoughts on last night’s thrilling season ending.  Who made it, who […]