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Good Girls Gone Geek Episode 23

      In the long awaited Part 2, Courtney, Proffitt and Bex discuss all the stuff they forgot to discuss in their season finale wrap-up Part 1.  OK, actually, it was too late for all that, so they just talk about Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, and their anticipation of Breaking Bad and Talking […]

Good Girls Gone Geek Episode 22

    Proffitt, Bex and (sometimes) Courtney welcome special guest Mr. Bex to part 1 of their spoiler-filled Waking Dead Finale discussion.  Things get deep, folks. The ladies and gent discuss nature vs nurture in the formation of evil, the sad fact that Carl had a point, and whether or not we all “have some […]

Good Girls Gone Geek Episode 21

    Bex, Proffitt and Courtney welcome VERY special guest, Geri to the podcast!  Geri was one of Good Girls Gone Geek’s first fans, and she is a fellow Walking Dead and Supernatural enthusiast.  After the traditional “ways in which we know we are getting older” discussion, the ladies discuss Andrea and The Governor, Sam […]

Good Girls Gone Geek Episode 20

  Proffitt, Bex and Courtney are forced to confront the fact that the “girls” in Good Girls Gone Geek might better be replaced with “geriatrics.”  Bifocals and shingles are just the beginning of the perils they face as they inch closer and closer to the big 4-0.  Also, Courtney forgives Proffitt for leaving the iPhone […]

Good Girls Gone Geek Episode 19

    No topic is off limits tonight, folks! From working out to The Walking Dead, Proffitt, Bex and Courtney host another hour of fun times.  Plus, we discuss our first tangible proof that we have listeners!  Huzzah!   Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:05:52 — 120.6MB)

Good Girls Gone Geek Episode 18

    No longer content with opining about The Walking Dead and Downton Abbey, Bex, Proffitt and Courtney take on the powerful appeal of infomercials, the lack of rooms suitable for reading in Las Vegas, and The Evil League of Television Writers (presumably lead by Joss Whedon and Julian Fellows).   Podcast: Play in new […]

Good Girls Gone Geek Episode 17

    The Walking Dead is back, and that’s hella exciting.  Proffitt, Bex and Courtney are apparently just as excited about The Talking Dead, as they spend much time discussing the ways in which Kevin Smith and Courtney think alike and the ways in which Steven Yeun rocks.  Then, it’s all Walking Dead theories all […]

Good Girls Gone Geek Episode 16

    Proffitt does funny voices! Bex loves Daryl Dixon! Courtney gets turned into a robot!  And special guest Rebecca causes confusion by having the same name as Bex, but she’s awesome so we’re OK with it!   Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:07:34 — 53.6MB)

Good Girls Gone Geek Episode 15

  Proffitt, Bex and Courtney have great fun trying to find a show to discuss that they are all watching at approximately the same pace. The winner? Downton Abbey!  Other topics include the premiere of The Following, the season premiere of Being Human on SyFy, scary good fun with Mama, and they ways in which […]

Good Girls Gone Geek – Episode 14

    Proffitt, Bex, and Courtney are in rare form as they discuss the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead and Kosher wine.  We’re not sure of the connection either, but they seem to be having fun with it, so we’ll go with it.  Proffitt swears a bit in this one, so don’t listen with […]

Good Girls Gone Geek – Episode 13

Bex, Proffitt and Courtney discuss Walking Dead episodes The Killer Within and Say the Word; for the most part, they manage not to cry.  Bonus material – Skyfall!  The Twelve!  Tequila! Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 59:31 — 46.3MB)

Good Girls Gone Geek – Episode 12

  We apologize for the late posting but it is all JP’s fault! Let’s send him out for supplies next time the walkers are about…Anyways, Bex, Proffitt and Courtney are joined by colleagues from Word of the Nerd, Hilton and Rebecca to discuss season 3, episodes 2 (Sick) and 3 (Walk With Me).  So heated […]