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Film Fans: Episode 9

In this episode of Film Fans, Sean is joined by Proffitt, Dieter, Rebecca, and Sam and things quickly turn to chaos. Its a no holds bar match up between Dieter, Sam and Les Mis. Watch out Russel Crowe, these two are not too pleased with you. The group also discusses Django Unchained, and the Hobbit, […]

Film Fans: Episode 8

On this episode of Film Fans, Sam and Sean discuss the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead. Sean really enjoyed the intense ride of the episode, while Sam wasn’t as blown away. Though they both speculate on what the rest of the season will bring and make a few predictions. They then move onto movie/tv […]

The Lost Tapes: The Rise of the Dark Knight Trilogy

This is a special episode of Film Fans where Sean, Nicole, Jay, and Jack discuss the Dark Knight Rises. It was originally set to air right after the film was released in theatres. However, during the great computer fiasco of July/August, a few episodes including this one was lost and our discussion on the film […]

Film Fans – Episode 7

In this episode of Film Fans, Sean is joined by Word of the Nerd folks Honor Knight and Proffitt. They kick things off with the Walking Dead talk, and discuss the shows change from the original source material. They also briefly discuss the newest cast member and the character he will be portraying. Then, still […]

Film Fans – Episode 6

In this episode of Film Fans, Sean is joined by Word of the Nerd staff writers, Sam and Honor Knight (for the sake of the episode and Sean’s sanity, he is referred to as HK). They first discuss recent movie news, including the biggest news of that week, LucasArts being purchased by Disney. Especially the […]

Film Fans – Episode 5

On this episode of Film Fans, Sean, Rachel and Sam discuss their favourite and least favourite Holloween movies. They also weigh in on the amount of Horror Movie reboots and spoofs that are poping up in the next year. After the horror talk though, they discuss a few movies that they saw in this weeks […]

Film Fans – Episode 4

Sean Perreault is without his co-host Matt Karzis this week, but joining him are two very lovely substitutes in the forms of Rachel Proffitt and Natasha Collier from Word of the Nerd.  This week Sean and his guests have a great trailer round-up show where they will discuss the latest trailers and as a bonus, […]

Film Fans – Episode 3

  Sean Perreault and Matt Karzis are back with another fantastic episode of Film Fans.  Joining Sean & Matt this week are Natasha Collier, Bex & Proffitt and Jason Padua as they discuss The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spider-Man, plus other movie and television news.       Podcast: Play in new window […]

Film Fans – Episode 2

Word of the Nerd‘s new hit podcast is back with an all-new episode.  Sean and Matt are joined by Bryan The Nerd and Bex to talk about the latest movie trailers for The Great Gatsby, Skyfall and Anchorman 2.  That plus a whole lot more on this episode of Film Fans!!!     Podcast: Play […]

Film Fans – Episode 1

  Word of the Nerd is proud to introduce the newest addition to our fabulous line up of podcasts. Sean Perreault and Matt Karzis will be your hosts for Film Fans.  Get all the latest news, info and reviews of the latest films, trailers and stars; as well as discussion of movies past. In their […]