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DC Confidential – Episode 40

      This week on DC Confidential, Sam Cross and Sean Perreault talk about this week’s episode of Arrow as they delve into the introduction of Barry Allen/The Flash and speculate on the forthcoming pilot. They also put their two cents in on the casting of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and try to […]

DC Confidential – Episode 39

    Welcome to our post-Thanksgiving episode of DC Confidential.  This week your hosts Sam Cross and Bryan the Nerd are joined by Shaun Rosado and Daniel Kalban.  The topics on this week’s show are as varied as the DC Universe itself.  The panel discuss this week’s new releases including Damian Son of Batman #2, […]

DC Confidential – Episode 38

    Along with a new episode of DC Confidential, we have a new logo for the show.  This week, Bryan The Nerd and Sam fight through a myriad of technical problems to talk about their books of the week, Villains Month and the DC/Batwoman controversy.  Get comfortable everyone because you’re gonna get an earful […]

DC Confidential – Episode 37

Ben Affleck? That’s right DCC fans, on this episode JP, Sam, Jack and Sean discuss Ben Affleck’s foray into the realm of the Dark Knight. Will it prove to be a major win for DC Comics, or a catastrophe? While there is plenty of hemming and hawing you will find the panel is on consensus […]

DC Confidential – Episode 36

Hey DCC fans! Recorded in the wake of DC’s news of the Batman/Superman film, JP, Sean, and Sam discuss Wonder Woman’s curious absence from any of DC’s current plans. The also talk about the need to do her right and how they might handle the film franchise. Be careful this one is bit of a […]

DC Confidential – Episode 35

Hey everyone and welcome to DC Confidential! So I promise I did not wait so long to post this because it was Sam and Sean did the show without me…no really! Seriously though they get into a great conversation about the books that have lost them and are on the cut list, plus Cartoon Network […]

DC Confidential – Episode 34

  DC Confidential is back with another episode dedicated entirely to Man of Steel.  JP and Sam are joined by Bryan the Nerd and Daniel Kalban as they discuss the latest film incarnation of Superman.  They share their likes, dislikes, pivotal moments and their hopes for a sequel.  So put your Krytonite away, it won’t […]

DC Confidential – Episode 33

AND WE ARE BACK! That’s right DC fans DC Confidential is back and with a special episode. Check out Sam and Sean as they interview none other than KYLE HIGGINS! You all know how much we love Dick Grayson on this show, well the writer of Nightwing talks about his love of the character. He […]

DC Confidential Episode 32.1

   Welcome to one of our special lost episodes of DC Confidential.  Every once in a while, we manage to misplace an episode.  It’s easier than you think to misplace an entire podcast and certainly not the first time we’ve done it.  In this episode JP, Sam, Jack and Sean talk about the season finale […]

DC Confidential – Episode 32

Arrow’s song! Daniel, Sam and JP tackle Arrow from every aspect. Is the show working and does it deserve a second season? They also get into which love interests are the most interesting, and why none of them are Laurel “Dinah” Lance. Lastly they talk about whether it is time for supers to make an […]

DC Confidential – Episode 31

Welcome to the villains episode! A huge cast comes together to debate the top DC Villains. Jack follows his own hero’s journey as he starts off behind the pack and climbs his way out of the dark recesses of some early decisions, while “The Canadian”, yes Sean himself, has a defining moment. Hilton checks in […]

DC Confidential – Episode 30

Welcome everyone to DC Confidential and the RETURN OF THE NERD! That is right, Bryan makes is triumphant return to the show to put in his two cents about Zero Year, Constantine, and the finale of Young Justice and Green Lantern. JP meanwhile cries for the shows he has lost, and admits to a love […]