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DC Confidential – Episode 52

      This week on DC Confidential, Bryan the Nerd fills in for JP who makes a surprise but brief appearance.  Sam and Sean Perreault are also on deck as the panel discuss the official title of Man of Steel 2, the latest round of DC cancellations and David Goyer’s slam against Marvel and […]

DC Confidential – Episode 51

      On this episode of DC Confidential we have a super special guest.  She was the voice of Wonder Woman on Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Superman/Batman Apocalypse, Justice League: Doom as well as lending her voice talents to many other animated series and video games.  Sam Cross and Bryan the Nerd are […]

DC Confidential – Episode 50

Don’t look now but welcome to the 50TH EPISODE of DC Confidential!! We are super excited to have made it this far and we thank all of you for joining us as we have navigated this journey. On this episode JP and Sam take on a host of topics, including DC’s animated shorts and the […]

DC Confidential – Episode 49

On tonight’s episode JP and Sam are joined by Daniel to breakdown DC’s television, film and of course comic properties. A string of great episodes has the cast excited about Arrow, while a new Marvel film has them lamenting Man of Steel. Meanwhile DC prepares for its new weekly Batman Eternal, and of course the […]

DC Confidential – Episode 48

Hey DC Confidential Fans! On tonight’s episode JP and Sam are joined by Hilton. After not doing a show for a while, Hilton helps to carry the show as JP is forced to bow out late in the episode. Either way the crew manages to touch on all the television show news, including the Flash’s […]

DC Confidential – Episode 47

So better late than never right? I know DC Confidential fans, we are more than a little late for this episode, but finally some wonderful ranting for your ears to partake. On tonight’s episode JP and Sam discuss the preview of Batman Eternal, and the true implications for the rest of the Bat-family. They also […]

DC Confidential – Episode 46

Hey DCC Fans! On tonight’s episode JP, Sam and Daniel discuss the recent episode of Arrow, including the kiss between Sarah and Nyssa. Does Arrow pull of a great moment, or does it again prove to be its own worse enemy? They all discuss the claims of Bryan Singer that Superman Returns was not manly […]

DC Confidential – Episode 45

Hello DC Confidential fans!! Welcome to another fantastic episode presented by! On tonight’s episode JP, Sam and Daniel discuss the casting announcements for Batman/Superman. Is Jeremy Irons too villainous to play Alfred? Should they have gone Heisenberg instead of Eisenberg or will Jesse prove to be as good as Heath? The crew also turns […]

DC Confidential – Episode 44

Hey there DC Confidential fans! Welcome to this week’s extra long episode. On tonight’s show JP, Sam and Daniel get into a heated debate about Harley Quinn’s true nature and how that impacts her relationship with fans. Do you feel sympathy for Harley or has she burned that bridge in her own fantastic fashion? Sam […]

DC Confidential – Episode 43

Welcome to DC Confidential! On tonight’s episode JP, Sam and Daniel discuss the delay of Batman/Superman or Justice League, or whatever they are calling it these days, to 2016. They also discuss how this may be a reflection of the internal struggle at DC and Warner Bros. and whether or not they can get back […]

DC Confidential – Episode 42

Hey DC Confidential fans! Welcome to week two of our 52 episodes of 2014. This week JP, Sam, Sean and Daniel discuss actual comic books… I KNOW RIGHT!?! With the release of issue 27 of Detective Comics and its marking of the 75th anniversary of the book and Batman, the crew delve into whether this […]

DC Confidential – Episode 41

Hi Nerdites! Welcome to the first DC Confidential of 2014! On this week’s episode stalwart Samantha Cross, welcomes back JP and Jack Chambers after their extended time away from the show. They discuss the upcoming year for DC as it attempts to dominate the television market, while offering nothing in way of films. They also […]